Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Heart is Damaged...because I miss the hell out of Danity Kane

Danity Kane was a super fabulous singing group! The whole world watched each member scratch and claw their way into the final group. Those who watched Making the Band had no choice but to respect their hustles, respect their grind and most importantly believe in their talent. They were singing it up on tour, album was sitting pretty on the top of billboard and all was well in the R&B world. We were all convinced that we had finally found our Bad girls for life. I thought I was never going to get over/forgive Diddy for the disappearance of Kima, Keisha and Pam (R&B group Total duh!)in 2000. Those girls disappeared like a fart in the wind! BUT ALAS arrived Danity Kane and my faith was almost fully restored.  No one could have been prepared for what happened next...

 The group straight up crumbled like an old biscuit and that was the end!

Now Dawn is a 2-stepping shadow behind P.Diddy counting "Dirty Money" 

Aubrey is dancing slow as hell on stage as seen on her reality show. D Woods is doing music video cameos...and nothing more. The other two are on the back of milk cartons. What the hell happened ladies??!?#@#?!$?!@$?!@$

We miss you so come on back but PLEASE leave Day 26 in a past calendar year and definitely leave Donnie right where he's at. lol

I facebook common criminals! Don't we all?

I could not possibly be the only person who gets names out of the newspaper and searches those names on Facebook! It is not like I have gone as far as to friend these accused criminals but sometimes I am overcome with curiosity and cannot help myself. I look up thieves, drug kingpins, rapists, tax evaders, suspended public school teachers, all the air traffic controllers who fall asleep on the job, terrorists I mean I really do not give a hoot as long as I can get some more background information.

Do I need background information on all 47 of the members of a credit card/identity theft ring? Maybe! What I know for sure is that I have a knack for utilizing and damn near exploiting all available resources and thanks to Mark Zuckerberg I can do this with much ease.
The truth is that in the age of social networking people better get used to the idea that every couple of seconds someone is going be clicking on you. Whether it be your linkedin profile, your twitter account, or that picture of you digging up your nose in Penn Station we (meaning myself and the rest of the free world) have access to you!

You do not have the be a criminal outed on the 8 o'clock news to feel or be exposed. If you did not know, I along with many others use Facebook as a watchdog. So for all you criminals out there I'M WATCHING YOU, I'M READING YOUR UPDATES, I'M TRACKING YOUR RELATIONSHIP STATUS AND I'M LOOKING AT YOUR TAGGED PHOTOS! For everyone else, I am doing all of thee above and definitely clicking your boyfriend/girlfriend's name and going through her pics too. If you do not want to be found...MOVE TO MARS    #Imjustsaying

Monday, April 4, 2011

More BBM Icon Rules!

3. No one wants to see your abs or your weewee on bbm either broham.  When guys show their abs I usually think its because they are butt ugly like the brothers to the left and the right lol If you're showing your weewee, it is because you found that perfect blackberry camera angle that adds 3 inches.  Get ahold of yourself, you are channelling the true pitiful gigolo in you. You should be ashamed.

No one is fooled by you spreading your tax refund money across your twin size bed. We do not see this icon and go awww man Jake is balling out of control i have to get a job where he is working. People with sense just shake their heads and people without sense are probably plotting to stick you up the next time they see you. It is rather tacky, just stop it. Please find below random a** pics of people getting money, I especially love the girl who has a little over 200 bucks, I wouldn't get very far at Whole Foods with that lol